Our Process

MDV’s financing process is catered towards technology project and contract financing, and undertaken by experienced finance professionals. MDV executes its proprietary due diligence process efficiently and effectively, to achieve each and every project’s maximum potential returns.

In-depth knowledge of technology sectors and optimized assessment processes result allows customised financing structures befitting the individual technology project and contract, to match the cashflows of the project or contract and allowing for optimal disbursement and payment structures

An overview of MDV five-step due diligence and assessment process:

Pre-assessment and Support

Preliminary assessment will enable our Origination & Assessment team to deliberate project or contract requirements and further advise on appropriate project and financing structure prior to application. During this stage, applicants will be informed on our financing application and processing requirements as outlined in Application Checklist.

Due Diligence and Verification

Upon completion and submission of Application Form and required information and documents, MDV Credit Assessment team will undertake an assessment and verification of the management and technical teams, and details and structure of the contract or project, including the cashflow, costing and vendors involved. The financing structure will be determined and proposed. Key terms determined will be condition precedents, disbursement terms, repayment structure and covenants.

Our due diligence process may include interviews and site visits to contract awarder/sponsor and/or supplier. External technical and legal consultants may be engaged to facilitate the due diligence process.


The credit assessment and financing structure will be compiled and presented to an independent financing committee for decision making. MDV will issue a letter of offer for approved financing applications. Applicants will then have two (2) weeks to accept the terms and conditions, together with board resolution and payment of any applicable fees.


Upon acceptance of letter of offer, applicants will be required to execute necessary legal documentation for their financing, including and not limited to facilities agreement and security documentation.

A Pre-Disbursement Briefing will then be conducted to explain MDV’s requirements with respect to drawdown processes and requirements of the facility granted.

First Drawdown and Disbursement

Solicitors appointed will issue a release letter confirming all conditions have been met, upon fulfillment of all disbursement conditions which applicants will be required to accomplish.

All drawdowns need to be supported by necessary documentation.