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For those who are looking to explore a new career path and ready for a challenge, take this opportunity to excel yourself with MDV.

Position: Asset Manager (Rehab & Recovery), Asset Management Division

Category: Executive/Senior Executive

Report to: Senior Assistant Vice President, Asset Management (immediate manager)


Job Requirements

  • Academic qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in any relevant field of business.
  • At least 3/5 years of relevant working experience.
  • Preferred industry: Banking, financial institutions.
  • Required knowledge: Finance, Recovery, Legal & Litigation/Insolvency.
  • Required skills: IT (Excel, PowerPoint, Words); Good Communication, Negotiation, Financial Analysis, Loan Restructuring/Rescheduling.
  • Personal characters: Able to work with very tight deadlines and good presentation skills would be an added advantage.
  • Preferred languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English.


Job Descriptions

Negotiate for payment and repayment plans for all Non-Performing Loans/Financing (NPL/NPF) portfolios and restructure/rehabilitate loan repayments to avoid/minimize any potential loss to MDV. To proceed with legal proceedings if earlier negotiations with NPL/NPF customers fail to materialize. Overall function is to manage the quality of the assets ensuring no further deterioration that may impact the company’s financial accounts and to maximize recovery from the Security position of the NPL/NPF accounts.

Monitoring & Surveillance

  • Monitor and manage delinquent/NPL/NPF portfolios to assess liability and recoverability issues.
  • Robust follow-up with customers on overdue payments and issuing a letter of awareness to project sponsors promptly to maximize collections.
  • Perform on-going assessment and close monitoring of rescheduled/restructured portfolios.
  • Rehabilitate delinquent portfolios and turn it into performing.
  • Gather information/data, assess recovery options and make a recommendation on strategy and actions to be taken on the NPLs/NPFs.
  • Negotiate with customers; and agents such as Receivers & Managers, Monitoring Accountant, solicitors, valuer, and supplier.
  • Attend to matters related to legal and recovery actions initiated such as the appointment of Receivers & Managers, actions against the customer and the guarantor(s).
  • Properly maintain and upkeep all relevant documents, particularly security documents to avoid any risk of the missing document.
  • Ensure all collaterals are regularly monitored and its value is being updated/preserved, inter-alia, through timely and sufficient insurance coverage, payment of statutory requirements, tracking of share prices/values, wherever applicable.

Credit Restructuring/Negotiation

  • Assess customers’ appetite and financial situation on the repayment of loans provided by MDV and recommend a reasonable recovery strategy by restructuring the outstanding balance of the loan to avoid default payment.
  • Negotiate with clients on the proposed restructuring approach to extract optimum value out of the delinquent/NPL portfolios.
  • Analyse the customers’ audited financial statements, management accounts, cash flows, etc.
  • Analyse/evaluate the viability of the settlement proposal, restructuring, and/or rescheduling proposal.
  • Prepare memorandum/proposal papers for relevant Financing Committees’ decision and approval.
  • Ensure completion of the existing and new loan documentation requirement (upon approval of any proposal).

Legal Proceedings

  • Attend to all matters related to legal and recovery actions initiated such as the appointment of Receivers & Managers and legal actions taken against the borrowers and guarantors.
  • Appointment of solicitors.
  • Ensure prompt updating of the legal action tracking system.
  • Properly maintain and upkeep all security documents to avoid any risk of missing documents.

Analytics and Reporting

  • Prepare and update relevant reports on the strategy and progress of actions taken on the delinquent/NPL portfolios on a fortnightly and monthly basis (depending on the frequency of the meetings).
  • Prepare an ad-hoc report(s) when necessary.

Position: Loan Monitoring & Surveillance Manager

Category: Executive/Senior Executive

Report to: Senior Assistant Vice President, Loan Monitoring & Surveillance


Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree or Professional Qualification in Finance/Accounting/Business Administration or equivalent.
  • Minimum 3 to 5 years of working experience in project financing, loan monitoring, risk management or audit with financial institutions, private or public listed companies, and regulatory bodies or agencies.
  • Interpersonal / Communication
  • Detail Oriented


Job Summary

  • Carry out site visits and progress tracking for loan disbursement, account review, business monitoring and potential delinquent customers/borrowers/sponsors in an efficient manner.
  • Maintain a close relationship with project awarders to verify the status of the project financed by MDV.
  • Monitor loan accounts and project financed by MDV to identify accounts at risk from delayed/missed payment, missed project progress and milestone etc.
  • Advise action plans to regularize accounts and prevent conversion to Non-Performing Loans (NPLs)
  • Prepare a report on-site visits and assessment report for each project to update the meeting progress/project milestone and highlight any inconsistencies or red flag.
  • Prepare monthly reports for management meetings and monitoring information to other Divisions and Senior Management.

We are looking for shining stars to be groomed as our future Executive. Come and join us as an Associate in MDV Apprenticeship Program (“MAP”). 


Job requirements

  • Experience: Fresh graduates or those with two (2) years or less working experience can be considered.
  • Minimum qualification:
  • Bachelor’s degree in any related discipline. Minimum CGPA of 3 or higher or equivalent.
  • Priority given to those with Banking/Finance/Accounting or any equivalent professional qualification background.
  • Skills required:
  • Good command of oral and written English and Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Good computing literacy (Word, PowerPoint, Excel).
  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Personality type:
    • Pleasant personality and models professionalism in attire and mannerism.
    • A fast learner with a proactive and positive attitude is a must.
  • Active in sports, community, or other volunteer activities during or after varsity is an added advantage.


Program information

  • Apprentice will undergo a 15-month job rotation program within the hosting divisions:

  • Dedication and performance are expected, and each candidate will be monitored, guided, and assessed continually throughout the program.
  • Successful candidates stand a good chance of being offered as a permanent member of MDV’s family at the end of the program (at MDV’s discretion).
  • Apprentice will be subject to a 15-month bond (during the program) and if absorbed, the apprentice will be subject to another one (1) year bond effective from date of absorption.

Benefits (subject to terms and conditions):

  • Monthly allowance
  • Performance Bonus
  • Medical entitlement; outpatient (for clinical only), hospitalisation, dental & optical, group personal accident
  • Statutory contribution: EPF, SOCSO, EIS
  • Leaves: Annual leave, study/exam leave, medical leave
  • Business/official travelling: Mileage claims, office parking claim


Selection process (only shortlisted candidate will be notified):

Title: Senior Research Consultant, Consulting Services, Business & Technology Advisory Department

Category: Senior Executive

Reporting to: Senior Assistant Vice President, Consulting Services (immediate superior)


Job Requirements

  • Academic qualification: at least a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology/Computer Science, Engineering (EE/Telco), Renewable Energy.
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant working experience in IT and Business Administration and Advisory/Consulting/Technology.
  • Required knowledge: Technical analysis, business due diligence, industry research, technology risks & report writing Sound understanding of project management, technology lifecycle, and business operations (including tech. start-ups).
  • Required skills: Good interpersonal/communication, business writing for Management and decision-making process, adaptive and proactive, proficient in verbal and written English, ability to present case studies. Can manage a group of technical consultants. Review and produce high-quality reports.
  • Personal characters: Ability to work independently/with minimal supervision while meeting project deadlines, demonstrate an active interest in learning, positive mindset.


Job Descriptions

  • Support Management/Board committees’ assessment, internal dept. requests, external consultant engagements, contribute effort to achieve company performance, building MDV staff tech competency, industry insights, and knowledge management.
  • To perform due diligence and deliver quality technology, technical & business report, to provide advisory services on specific areas of technology and high growth sectors for effective decision-making process with sound subject matter analysis. Following technology sector exposure would be an added advantage:
  1. Information Technology – Digitalisation, Connectivity, Communications, IoT, Big Data & Robotics.
  2. Other new emerging technology areas such as Green Technology, Biotechnology, IR4.0, and Startups
  3. Government agencies related to the technology industry such as SEDA, Cradle, MaGic, MAVCAP, MTDC, TPM, MDEC, and others.


At MDV, we offer a culture to the value of respect, harmony, deliverable oriented, teamwork and integrity.

Why Work With MDV?
MDV Core values: We shape the culture and define the character of our company.

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Investing the Training & Development: We hire the best people and help them become even better and grow together with MDV.

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