Our History


Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (MDV) was established by the Government of Malaysia in 2002 with the objective of providing flexible and innovative loan and Islamic financing facilities to develop high-impact and technology-driven sectors of the economy, identified and prioritised by the Government as future engines of growth. This segment of Malaysian companies are generally underserved by commercial financial institutions, creating a funding gap faced by companies from within these sectors, particularly for the technology-based Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). As the nation progressed, MDV’s mandate expanded to include ICT, Biotechnology and Green Technology. In 2014, MDV included Emerging Technology as part of its technology mandate.

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As one of the financing agencies in Malaysia focusing on technology-driven sectors, MDV envisions itself as the technology financier in Malaysia.

Since its establishment more than a decade ago, MDV has financed numerous technology projects in various sectors as it strives to fulfil its mandate and developmental role in the technology industry including E-Government, Satellite, Enterprise Software, Digital Content, Flight Simulator, Business Intelligence, RFID, Smart Cards, Telco Tower, Wireless Broadband, Fibre Optics, Algae Cultivation, Bio-Fertiliser, Bio-Diversity Research, Bio-Mass and Biogas, Renewable Energy and Solar PV, Green Public Technology, LED, Mini Hydro, Water Treatment and Management.

Our Vision

The Nation’s technology financier

Our Mission

To support the Nation’s technology agenda and increase Malaysian technology companies’ probability of success through:

  • Providing access to financing
  • Innovative and flexible financing solutions
  • Specialised funding programmes
  • Industry expertise and advisory services

To remain financially sustainable while fulfilling our developmental role.


MDV provides project and financing facilities to high-potential technology and technology-based companies.

Our niche is helping fund young companies that are unable to secure funding from commercial financial institutions due to their novel business model, lack of proven operating track record and lack of collaterals.

This is why our approach to funding is different from any other financial institution. MDV’s approach to funding such companies is to focus on the potential of an applicant and its projects by analysing the viability and suitability of its technology, the quality of their key management and technical personnel as well as the reasonableness of its business plan and cashflow projections as an indicator of their ability to reach their potential.

With the vision of becoming the nation’s leading technology financier, MDV offers innovative and flexible financing solutions and specialised funding programmes to help fund technology project requirements by customising the loan or financing structure based on each customer’s business needs.

Besides providing financing assistance, MDV also offers nurturing and advisory services as well as providing market expertise to startups as part of our nation building mandate.


As a financing organisation, MDV offers financing facilities to technology companies to cater to the unique funding requirements at different stages of their business. From just starting up, to where the company has progressed into the growth stage, right up to the expansion phase, MDV has in place the right funding for your business either via our Venture Debt products or Project Financing facilities. These products are offered in both Islamic and conventional principles.

Pre-Seed and Seed fundings are also available for startup companies in the forms of targeted financing programmes managed by MDV such as the MDV Technology Acquisition And Commercialisation Scheme (MDV-TACT) programme and the Commercialisation Financing programme.