About Us

Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (MDV) was established by the Government of Malaysia in 2002 with the objective of providing flexible and innovative financing facilities to develop the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector that had been identified and prioritised by the Government as the catalyst for the nation’s growth.


Our Vision

The Nation’s technology financier

Our Mission

To support the Nation’s technology agenda and increase Malaysian technology companies’ probability of success through:

  • Providing access to financing
  • Innovative and flexible financing solutions
  • Specialised funding programmes
  • Industry expertise and advisory services

To remain financially sustainable while fulfilling our developmental role.


As the nation developed, MDV’s financing mandate was concurrently extended to serve other high-impact and technology-driven sectors of the economy prioritised by the Government, including Green Technology, Biotechnology, Strategic and Emerging technology, and start-ups.