MDV Speed Read with iStore iSend

Category: Speed Read

This week, we speak to Joe Khoo and Tommy Yong, co-founders of iStore iSend.

iStoreiSend provides full-fledged warehouse management system to automate e-commerce operations. iStoreiSend core business is e-Fulfillment, which provides full scale warehousing, pick and pack services, delivery and order tracking. Founded in 2009, they have since expanded to also offer gateway e-enabler services for brands and retailers, helping them setup their official online stores on virtual marketplace, including online store setup, onboarding of brands to online e-marketplaces, official online store management, growth and marketing campaigns management, listing and even customer services. iStoreiSend offers to bridge the e-commerce gap to the brick-and-mortar retailers to help digitise their businesses, their e-commerce growth plans, syncing all available marketplace platforms and the back-end order fulfillment.

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