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For those who are looking to explore a new career path and ready for a challenge, take this opportunity to excel yourself with MDV.

Job Requirements

  • Academic qualification: at least a Bachelor’s Degree in equivalent areas. ACCA/CIMA/MICPA and must be MIA member.
  • At least 5 years of relevant working experience.
  • Preferred industry: Banking, and Finance related. External audit experience is advantageous.
  • Required knowledge: Accounting, Reporting, Finance, and Treasury.
  • Required skills: Qualified accountant with good treasury and report writing skills.
  • Personal characters: Analytical and sharp. Good ethics and integrity. Team player.

Job Descriptions

  • To assist the VP, FAD primarily on treasury and fund-raising function as well as financial reporting.
  • Assist VP, FAD (Finance & Admin) to ensure an effective and reliable operation for accounting, finance, procurement, and administrative activities.
  • Ensure effective treasury function and good asset liability management. Assist in fund sourcing/matching including liaison with bankers to support MDV’s financing activities with optimum cost of funds.  Preferably with exposure with Sukuk issuance and commercial paper issuance.
  • Assist VP, FAD to ensure proper systems of internal controls are in place to mitigate fraud and errors while optimizing resources and cost.
  • Assist VP, FAD to critically review the monthly management accounts/rolling cashflow forecasts and other financial reports to ensure timely submission on a monthly basis.
  • Assist VP, FAD to ensure the timely completion of statutory audit and in compliance with Companies Act and International/Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards.  Well-versed in accounting, financial and tax matters.
  • Support the management in the annual budgeting process and subsequently monitor the budget.

Job Requirements

  • Academic qualification: at least a Bachelor’s Degree in equivalent areas.
  • At least 5 years of relevant working experience.
  • Preferred industry: Auditing Financial Institutions/Banking
  • Required knowledge: Accounting; Finance; Credit (preferably with exposures in auditing business loans/financing); Strong knowledge in risk management, COSO ERM Framework and standards for the professional practice of internal auditing.
  • Required skills: Good interpersonal skills; Strong command of English Language and excellent report writing skills; Possess strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to assess risks and recommend value-added enhancements.
  • Personal characters: Quality and result-driven; Proactive and resourceful; Self-motivated and with a high degree of integrity.

Job Descriptions

Perform audit engagements as per Audit Plan or any ad-hoc special review assign by the Vice President, Internal Audit.

Audit Program

  • Update the audit program on assigned audit engagements to ensure accuracy and relevance with MDV’s policies and procedures as well as other laws, regulations and statutory acts.

Audit Planning & Fieldwork

  • Plan the assigned audit engagement (review, special review or investigation), and ensure adequate audit coverage to achieve the objectives, as well as appropriate resources to execute the fieldwork.
  • Participate in opening meeting with the Head of Division/Department to explain the scope and objectives of the audit engagement and provide an overview of the audit process.
  • Evaluate the adequacy of process design and effectiveness of internal controls implemented in meeting the departmental goals and MDV’s business plan, as well as, the level of compliance with internal policies and procedures, regulations and statutory requirements.
  • Document all audit works accurately and completely in accordance with IAD’s standards.
  • Draft the audit findings and propose practical and value-added recommendations to address the control weaknesses and/or process inefficiencies.

Communication & Reporting

  • Participate in exit meeting and discuss the audit findings with the Head of Division/Department on a constructive basis for the implementation of the recommended actions to be taken.
  • Draft the audit report with appropriate analyses in relation to evaluating the result of the audit engagement.
  • Prepare presentation slides and communicate the audit findings and recommendations with the Management Audit Committee relating to the assigned audit engagements on a quarterly basis.

Job Requirements

  • Academic qualification: at least a Bachelor’s Degree in equivalent areas.
  • More than 1 year of relevant working experience.
  • Preferred industry: External auditor or Corporate/Commercial banking (preferably involves in Project Financing) in particularly credit risk and credit compliance review.
  • Required knowledge: Credit risk assessment on corporate loan proposal (which includes risk identification and measurement), risk mitigation and controls, risk monitoring, credit proposal’s analysis (which involves analysis on project cash flow, financial statements, financing products, financing structure, management/legal/technical aspects of financing), Knowledge on the technology-based industry
  • Required skills: Good interpersonal/communication skill (written and spoken), risk analytical skill, credit evaluation skill, report writing skill; and intermediate level of Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Personal characters: Disciplined, initiative, efficient, fast-learner.

Job Descriptions

Credit Evaluation (New Loans)

  • Evaluate and analyze a company’s financial position, competitive position within its industry, strategic direction, management quality and other relevant areas of all new financing/loan applications based on given guidelines to determine the level of potential risk.
  • Conduct cash flow analysis on the project or companywide to ascertain the future liquidity and to obtain all relevant data and information to assist in evaluating the company’s financial capability.
  • Coordinate with various divisions/departments within MDV to obtain the required information and clarification for the purpose of the evaluation.
  • Prepare risk assessment paper, which highlights potential risks for financing/loan approval to be submitted to the manager for review.

Credit Evaluation (Approved Loans)

  • Evaluate and analyze post-approval financing/loan applications based on given guidelines to determine the level of potential risk.
  • Ascertain the future risk of going concern.
  • Coordinate with various divisions/departments within MDV to obtain the required information and clarification for the purpose of the evaluation.
  • Prepare risk assessment paper, which highlights potential risks for financing/loan approval to be submitted to the manager for review.

Compliance Review  

  • Conduct the Post Approval Credit/Compliance Review (“PACR”) for all financing to ensure compliance with all MDV’s policies, guidelines, framework and conditions imposed for credit underwriting.
  • Conduct the Post Disbursement Review (“PDR”) for all financing with all MDV’s required documentation and conditions imposed for disbursements.
  • Conduct the Post-Mortem Review (“PMR”) for underwriting, disbursements and monitoring activities in relation to the non-performing financings and determine possible causes of credit deterioration.
  • Propose practical and value-added recommendations to address the control weaknesses and/or process inefficiencies.

Job Requirements

  • Academic qualification: at least a bachelor’s degree in Finance and ACCA.
  • At least 3 years of relevant working experience
  • Preferred industry: Business/Corporate/Commercial banking and External Audit in particularly credit analysis, monitoring and account relationship.
  • Required knowledge: Cash Flow Analysis, Accounting, Credit Analysis, Structuring of Financing, Financial Statement Analysis, Financing Products, Legal Aspect of Financing, Knowledge on the technology-based industry.
  • Required skills: Good communication skill (written and spoken), analytical skill, presentation skill, interpersonal skill, an intermediate level of Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Personal characters: Disciplined, self-starter, fast-learner, independent.
  • Preferred languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English

Job Descriptions

  • To undertake comprehensive credit assessment and due diligence on loan/financing proposals.
  • To prepare and finalise credit assessment for new financing application and timely periodic review on the accounts under portfolio and clear queries of superiors and other review requirements.
  • To conduct a visit to the customers’ office and to the project site.
  • To obtain approvals from the relevant credit committees.
  • To prepare letters of offers and supplementary letters of offers.
  • To monitor and follow-up on condition precedents and disbursement conditions towards ensuring expeditious account activation, including preparation of memos.
  • To consider and recommend for approval any variations to the terms and conditions of loan/financing approved.
  • To prepare required individual, department, and divisional reports.
  • To undertake all assignments and tasks assigned by the team leader and divisional head.

Job Requirements

  • Academic qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in any relevant field of business.
  • At least 3 years of relevant working experience.
  • Preferred industry: Banking, financial institutions.
  • Required knowledge: Finance, Recovery, Legal & Litigation/Insolvency.
  • Required skills: IT (Excel, PowerPoint, Words); Good Communication, Negotiation, Financial Analysis, Loan Restructuring/Rescheduling.
  • Personal characters: Able to work with very tight deadlines and good presentation skills would be an added advantage.
  • Preferred languages: Bahasa Malaysia, English.

Job Descriptions

Negotiate for payment and repayment plans for all Non-Performing Loans/Financing (NPL/NPF) portfolios and restructure/rehabilitate loan repayments to avoid/minimize any potential loss to MDV. To proceed with legal proceedings if earlier negotiations with NPL/NPF customers fail to materialize. Overall function is to manage the quality of the assets ensuring no further deterioration that may impact the company’s financial accounts and to maximize recovery from the Security position of the NPL/NPF accounts.

Monitoring & Surveillance

  • Monitor and manage delinquent/NPL/NPF portfolios to assess liability and recoverability issues.
  • Robust follow-up with customers on overdue payments and issuing a letter of awareness to project sponsors promptly to maximize collections.
  • Perform on-going assessment and close monitoring of rescheduled/restructured portfolios.
  • Rehabilitate delinquent portfolios and turn it into performing.
  • Gather information/data, assess recovery options and make a recommendation on strategy and actions to be taken on the NPLs/NPFs.
  • Negotiate with customers; and agents such as Receivers & Managers, Monitoring Accountant, solicitors, valuer, and supplier.
  • Attend to matters related to legal and recovery actions initiated such as the appointment of Receivers & Managers, actions against the customer and the guarantor(s).
  • Properly maintain and upkeep all relevant documents, particularly security documents to avoid any risk of the missing document.
  • Ensure all collaterals are regularly monitored and its value is being updated/preserved, inter-alia, through timely and sufficient insurance coverage, payment of statutory requirements, tracking of share prices/values, wherever applicable.

Job Requirements

  • Academic qualification: at least a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology/Computer Science, Engineering (Electrical Electronic/Telco).
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant working experience in IT Projects & Business Administration or Technology Advisory/Consulting.
  • Required knowledge: Technical analysis, business due diligence, industry research, technology risks & report writing, a sound understanding of project management, technology lifecycle and business operations (including technology start-ups).
  • Required skills: Good interpersonal/communication, business writing for management and decision-making process, adaptive and proactive, proficient in verbal and written English, ability to present case studies.
  • Personal characters: Ability to work independently/minimal supervision while meeting project deadlines, demonstrate an active interest in learning, positive mindset.

Job Descriptions

  • Support Management/Board committees’ assessment, internal dept. requests, external consultant engagements, contribute effort to achieve company performance, building MDV staff tech competency, industry insights and knowledge management.
  • To perform due diligence and deliver quality technology, technical & business report, to provide advisory services on specific areas of technology and high growth sectors for effective decision-making process with sound subject matter analysis. Following technology sector exposure would be an added advantage:
    • Information Technology – Digitalisation, Connectivity, Communications, IoT, Big Data Analysis, etcetera.
    • Other new emerging technology areas.

Internship Requirements

  • Academic qualification: bachelor’s degree student in Business Administration, Engineering, IT, Banking & Finance, Accounting & Finance and/or equivalent.
  • Required knowledge: Business Research, Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analyses, Renewable Energy, and ICT.
  • Required skills: Good command of English, Good computing literacy (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Google, SPSS, Cloud Software) and understand Project Management Methodology.
  • Personal characters: Organized, meticulous, positive work attitude, good communication skills, high level of integrity, able to work independently, team player.
  • Internship allowance is RM5/hour and subject to a maximum of RM45 per day (9 hours per day including lunch break); without any benefits i.e. OT allowance, leaves, etc.
  • The length of internship period is subject to the university terms & conditions which is usually between 3 to 6 month or more.

Job Descriptions

  • To assist and support Consulting Services Dept.’s file cards, research requests and analyses.
  • Able to understand and apply research methodology on primary research, secondary research, quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Perform documents validation through research of facts, figures, site visits and interviews with relevant stakeholders.
  • Prepare materials required to perform research and analysis assigned by Consulting Services Dept. within the timeline provided.
  • Review, update, and present case studies as required by Consulting Services Dept. to gather information for file cards and related documents.
  • Manage deliverables through planned timeline and tasks assignment for necessary submission, review, and approvals.
  • Able to share acquired knowledge throughout the internship period by organizing a knowledge sharing session with internal team members.


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