The Past Powers Our Future Through Innovation And Empowerment. Our Tenacity, Resourcefulness And Imagination Will Help Propel Our Business And Power Our Next Era.

Invest Energy is a leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) company developing, operating and managing renewable energy (RE), clean energy (CE) & energy efficiency (EE) infrastructure and services by providing and investing in innovative, cost-effective, reliable and proven total energy solutions.

From our humble beginning as part of an established multi-disciplinary engineering group, we have since morphed into an integrated clean energy focused solutions and services company in South East Asia for various industries and governments.

Over the years, the team has progressed and developed experience and knowledge that has embodied the fundamental ethics of teamwork, integrity, passion, quality and innovation. We have worked with clients ranging from multinationals, cities, and a multitude of clients that are looking towards a sustainable energy efficient future. Our ingenuity of creating affiliations, and collaborations has allowed us to cross integrate between various technologies, cultures, and innovations.

The success behind the company growth is the founders, advisors and people, whose vision and commitment to excellence and building relationships will continue building the company into a well-respected organization that is positioned for future growth.

Governments and business enterprises are expected to spend substantial amounts in the coming years towards implementing renewable energy projects to produce clean energy. We are committed to offer our Sustainable Financing Partnership (SFP) for any viable projects.

See how we’re helping pave the way for the world’s next energy revolution.

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