5 Tech Wonders of the World

Category: Keeping up with MDV Post Date: May 9, 2019

5 Tech Wonders of The World

In this week’s Keeping up with MDV, we have an article on “5 Tech Wonders of The World” written by our Vice President of Business and Technology Advisory, Zuhry Rashid. We hope you enjoy the article and can simultaneously gain something from it.

A few weeks ago, I bought movie tickets for a Hollywood Blockbuster title “The Avengers: Endgame”. To navigate the various niggling details surrounding this commercial transaction i.e. figuring out where to go, parking rates, earliest time to watch, best seats available, prices etc, I did what billions others do : I Google-d it.

I then recall all other transactions I did – books, restaurants, flights, hotels – and amazingly that very same action came up : I Google-d it.

While many of us survived childhood without Google, it has now become a powerful part of our life – short of calling it our 7th sense.  So, how did Google come into being?

Easiest way to know is to Google it! Of course search results would tell you that its American creators and founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, put it up online some time in 1998, what you also need to know is the myriad of technologies which made this possible.

First technology before the birth of Google would definitely be the Internet. Most of our digital life – social networks, emails, online banking, messaging and more, sits on this amazing technology called the Internet. Thanks to the United Kingdom, the Internet permeates our lives between the 80s and early 90s via our copper lines and corporate networks (ethernet). Between then and now, it has evolved through a series of infrastructure shifts such as fibre, cellular networks and wireless radio signals. Data and information are getting bigger and faster for hungry consumers using Google and other application to access variety of information and daily activities like Twitter, Waze, GrabCar, WhatsApp, YouTube and Instagram to name a few.

Second technology which caused the Internet boom was the fiber optic cable. When it was introduced back in the late 60s, many scientists couldn’t figure out reducing data loss transmission over long distance optical light as compared to electricity. Thirty years later, through advancement of R&D, we now have fibre optic networks running affordable high speed Internet (close to Gigabit speeds) from our home as well as offices and smartphones.

Third technology which helped built Google is the personal computer. Personal computers be it Apple Macintosh or Microsoft Windows PC came about way back in early 80s when its founders wanted to introduce computational powers a human can do which the machine does in seconds. Personal computers then evolved into smaller forms like laptops and tablets to eventually pocket-sized smartphones which we all use and love to this day.

Fourth technology which contributed to the use of wireless networks in our smartphones would be cellular towers. When Motorola introduced to the world their first cellular phone way back in the 70’s, it was good for 30 minutes of voice calls only and later on in the 90’s, simple text messages. Thirty years on, we now have cellular towers which offer voice, data and locations to billions of smartphone users worldwide. Birth of the revolutionary iPhone combined with high speed 3G & 4G cellular networks have been growing cellular networks faster and wider since its inception. The next wave of 5G networks would reinvent the way digital devices (Internet-of-Things) connect with humans.

These four technological wonders have helped create the fifth technology wonders of the world – Google. Though there are issues surrounding these technologies such as trust, privacy and security, Google is an inevitable force to be reckoned with much like the characters in the Marvel movies. Billions of dollars have been spent to help build Google and its foundation technologies to what it is today by venture capitalists, bankers and equity investors who believe that technology would change our lives for the better.

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