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Year 2015 Review/ Year 2016 – Sustainability and Resilience

Year 2015 saw Malaysia grappled with severe headwind on economic fronts, following unanticipated global commodity and currency shocks, financial market turbulence and sudden reversal of capital flows. Commodity prices tumbled, with oil prices down by more than 30%.

The impact has affected MDV too. Amidst the success we have had in the previous years, 2015 saw some setbacks that we have had to address. Some of our loan accounts required restructuring while for some, loan loss provision has to be made.

For Business Division, we have reviewed Year 2015 performance and from there we shall seek to achieve sustainable business growth in Year 2016 by :

  • Balancing between business growth and risk-taking
  • Balancing between the expectations of our stakeholder and
  • Managing our Business Risk and Strategic Risk

The start of 2016 was slightly unsettling with continued volatility seen in the commodity and currency markets. We are cognisant of market conditions and the need to balance growth with preservation of asset quality.

This year we shall also emphasize on productivity among Business Division staff. We shall strive to improve our Turn-Around-Time for loan processing and expedite the disbursement process. Customer satisfaction on our service level is imperative for MDV to sustain in the market. As such, customer retention has been made part of MDV’s KPI for this year.

No mention of our customer experience would be complete without highlighting the role of MDV as a Technology Financier and we are fully committed to being assessable to technology companies for their financing needs.

– Aimi Aizreen Bin Nasharuddin | Senior Vice President, Business Division

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