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Some security and safety tips from the good people of MDV Health & Safety Committe

Here are some security and safety tips from the good people of MDV Health & Safety Committee. We thought the tips were jolly good that we feel that we should share it with all our friends on this page. Some might be a given, but reminders are always good, eh?

1. Do not using social media and social networking sites e.g. facebook while you’re away; or at least, share your activities with a few close friends only;
2. Do not upload vacation photos/update about how great your vacation is until you get home. This is so that strangers, lurkers and criminals won’t know that your home is empty and unprotected;
3. Try not to set your e-mail or voicemail to announce that you’re on vacation/away from home;
4. If you can, invest in exterior lighting with timers.
5. Do not leave your spare keys outdoors. Collect ALL your hidden spare keys from around the exterior of your home. Just remember, burglars know the most popular hiding places, like beneath mats and in potted plants!
6. Ask a neighbour to take in your newspapers, mails, and any other deliveries;
7. Leave window shades and draperies in their usual positions, but do not close them all the way on the street side of the house;
8. Lock all doors and windows including those in the garage, the basement, and the attic;
9. Disconnect electrical appliances and lower air conditioning/heating units to energy-saving levels;
10. Ensure that your auto, fire, and health insurance policies are correct;
11. To secure your valuables like jewellery and cash, you may want to place these items in a hidden safe or security deposit box;
12. It is also a good idea to backup your computer or laptop data off site in the event your home or business is burglarized; and lastly,
13. Please ensure your car license and road tax still valid.

Safe drive and don’t forget to stop at R&Rs if you feel tired!

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