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RM150m zero waste park technology plant for Kedah

-The Malaysian Reserve

The zero waste park will be operational by end of 2014 or early 2015.
PETALING JAYA: Zero waste park, an innovative technology in processing municipal solid waste (MSW) developed by SP Multitech Renewable Energy Sdn Bhd (SMR), will be operational in Kedah by end of 2014 or early 2015.

A RM150 million facility will be in operation in one district in Kedah, the first state in Malaysia to operate such facility, with plans for another one in a district in Pahang in 2015.

“MSW and energy costs has always been a problem in Malaysia and with zero waste park, both issues are solved and at the same time as our technology uses biogas from the waste to generate electricity.

“Zero waste park will be capable of processing 250 tonnes of solid waste per day and can be built in any industrial area and does not pose any environmental issues such as contamination of natural resources such as water, cause pollution or odour,” SMR managing director William Tan Soo Peng told The Malaysian Reserve.

On average, Malaysia produces 1.2kg of MSW per capita per day with Kuala Lumpur alone producing about 5,000 tonnes per day.

Zero waste park eliminates various issues pertaining to MSW, such as landfills that causes numerous environmental issues, the energy costs in the transportation and collection and processing of waste.

“We are working with all state government on this technology, however, the acceptance is not that good at the moment, as they need to see the operation of the facility before they decide on investing in the technology,” he said, citing Pahang and Malacca as showing positive interest.

Tan said on average, each state in Malaysia would require between four to five zero waste park type plants to effectively manage MSW.

Other players in waste management now are Alam Flora Sdn Bhd, E-Idaman Sdn Bhd and Southern Waste Management Environment Sdn Bhd.

Tan said the company has received funding from various sources such as Malaysia Debt Ventures Bhd, local banks, Europe green fund and also World Bank that has express interest in the technology.

SMR is mulling on the idea of listing on the local stock exchange to raise more funds to develop the existing technology and also explore new waste management technology, according to Tan.

“Raising funds from the public is a ‘must’ sooner or later, however we need to create more value to the company before we embark in the listing exercise.

“Given a time frame of two to three years, we will be pursuing our listing exercises as we are working towards that,” Tan said.

He said the company has also received enquiries from Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia as they do not have an efficient system in converting MSW into energy.

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