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MDV Technology Acceleration and Commercialisation Scheme

MDV Technology Acceleration and Commercialization Scheme (MDV-TACT) is part of Government’s initiatives under RMK-11 to promote the development and adoption of new technologies and increase the success rate of commercializing new technologies.


  • Hybrid solution of equity and/or debt financing
  • Financing size up to RM5 million
  • Targeted at young and emerging startups with innovative and disruptive products with compelling business plans.
  • Attractive profit/interest rate of 5-6%
  • Up to 5 year tenure

Eligibility/Qualifying Criteria:
1. Goods and services with technology content
2. Already revenue generating / commercialising / company with revenue traction
3. No outstanding legal/bankcruptcy proceedings on company and directors

Structure (for venture debt):

  • Amount : Maximum of RM5mil
  • Tenure : Maximum 60 months
  • Profit/Interest Rate : 4% – 6% per annum
  • Disbursement : Based on cashflow projections
  • (Re)payment : Based on cash-flow projections
  • Grace Period : Up to 12 months (at MDV’s discretion)
  • Collateral :
    • Debenture
    • Joint & Several Personal Guarantee
  • Instrument :
    • Term Financing (Capital expansion) or
    • Revolving Credit (Working capital) or
    • Cashline (Similar To Overdraft)
  • Special Conditions
    • Convertible clause – Convert outstanding financing to equity
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