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Commercialisation Financing Programme

An innovative financing programmes to match your funding requirements that have good and viable businesses in the technology sectors especially for whom at the early and pre-commercialization stages. The funding of post R&D pre-commercialization activities cater for companies with good and viable technologies to achieve their potential.

Who Qualify?

  • – Applicant must be a Malaysia incorporated company with a minimum of 50% Malaysian shareholding and must have a minimum paid-up share capital of RM100,000.00;
  • – Applicants who received seed and R&D grants from the relevant Malaysian government ministries and/or agencies are given the priority;
  • – Applicant must be involved within MDV Programme’s Focus Areas i.e. ICT and Biotech;
  • – Applicant from the Emerging Technology sectors can also apply subject to the ability to demonstrate the overall economic benefit of the project;
  • – Applicant must have sufficient capable as well as experienced technical and management personnel as well as must exhibit commercial potential.

The Focus Area and Permitted Financing

  • – ICT Businesses and Industries
  • – Biotechnology
  • – Clean / Green Technology

The provision of financing is structured towards Shariah complaint via Islamic Modes.

Specialization on Funding Purposes

  • – For early and growth stage (pre-commercialization);
  • – Initial funding for corporate infrastructure;
  • – Pre-production costs and expenses such as equipment & facilities;
  • – Complimentary technology acquisition;
  • – Working capital and other relevant costs & expenses.

The Financing Facilities

  • – Term Loan
  • – Revolving Loan
  • – Convertible Financing

The Financing Guidelines

Margin of Finance Up to 85% of contract or asset cost (Venture Project Line will be
dependent upon level of projected cashflow of Applicant);
Credit Enhancement CGC guarantee will not be required;
Interest / Profit Rate Fixed throughout tenure of loan or financing and subject to risk scoring criteria and effective cost of funds;
Prepayment No prepayment penalties will be imposed upon early settlement
of loan or financing;
Collateral Charge on assets financed;
Directors’ and/or Shareholders’ Guarantee;
Assignment of Contract Proceeds.

No Application Fee will be imposed
Special Project Financing Programme – RMK10 PRE-COMMERCIALISATION FINANCING

  • – A special financing scheme extended to early stage and/or pre-commercialisation companies;
  • – In collaboration with MOF Inc.;
  • – Financing facility up to RM2 million (Venture Project Line) and up to RM5 million (Asset Project Line, Working Capital Project Line and Contract Project Line / Small Contract Project Line;
  • – Financing up to 85% of contract value and a financing period of up to 5 years;
  • – Financing rate of between 6% to 8% per annum on daily basis and flexible repayment periods.
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