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Loan Process

In order to let you realize the maximum potential returns of your project, MDV works fast to process your financing application. Our in-depth knowledge of the ICT, Biotechnology, Green Technology sectors and highly efficient work procedures result in fund applications needing only four weeks* upon commencement of due diligence for a decision or two weeks if the financing sought is less than RM2.0 million.
* Four weeks time frame applicable for complete application forms/documents

Here’s an overview of our simple five-step fund process:

Step 1: Pre-assessment and Support
MDV’s Origination & Assessment Team will discuss your company’s and project’s requirements and advise on the appropriate project and financing structure prior to application. We will also inform of MDV’s financing application and processing on requirements as outlined in Application Checklist.

Step 2: Pre-due Diligence and Due Diligence

Upon completion and submission of Application Form, MDV may conduct an Orientation Meeting, where you will present your company and project to MDV’s Assessment Team and duly appointed External Consultants, comprising technology consultants who will assess among others your management and technical team, and legal consultants/firms who will undertake statutory review and assessment of legal documentation of the relevant contract/project.

MDV’s due diligence processes may also include interviews and site visits to contract awarder/sponsor and/or suppliers.

Step 3: Decision
The due diligence results and assessment will be compiled and presented to an independent financing committee for decision. Within three (3) working days of the presentation, MDV will issue letter of offer for approved financing applications. You will then have two (2) weeks to accept the terms and conditions.

Step 4: Documentation
Upon acceptance of the letter of offer, you will then execute the necessary legal documentation for the financing, including facilities agreement and security documentation. A Pre-Disbursement Briefing will then be conducted to explain MDV’s requirements with respect to drawdown of the facility granted.

Step 5: First Drawdown and Disbursement
You will be required to fulfill all conditions precedent and disbursement conditions prior to any disbursement. The solicitors appointed will then issue a release letter confirming that all conditions have been met. The necessary documents will then be required to support any drawdown requested.

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