Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (578113-A)
The Nation’s Leading Technology Financier

Loan Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

  • Public or private limited company incorporated in Malaysia
  • Minimum paid-up share capital of RM100,000
  • Minimum five (5) employees
  • For applicants seeking MDV Islamic Financing, the main activity or product(s) offered by the company must be Syariah compliant

Application Criteria

  • Loan Size – financing up to 85% of contract value or total project cost.
  • Loan Tenure – Repayment period ranges between 1 and 10 years depending on the project and cash flow
  • Loan Repayment – Flexible repayment terms that are aligned to the cash flow of your project
  • Collateral – Primary requirement is assignment of contract proceeds. Other collateral may be requested depending on risk profile of applicant as well as the project
  • Equity Structure – Malaysia-centric or significant Malaysian involvement or participation

Evaluation Criteria

  • Management Risk
  • Technical Risk
  • Financial Risk
  • Collateral Risk
  • Legal Risk
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