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Loan Fees

Due Dilligence

As part of the processing of application, MDV will undertake due diligent (DD) work on the applicant, project through the appointment of consultants and/or performing any other works related to the applicant. In this respect, the expected fees involved for DD exercises are payable upfront, together with financing applications. All fees are payable to “Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad”.

The fees are payable based on the following:-

Financing Amount DD Fee Payable
Up to RM10 million RM15,000
Above RM10 million to RM20 million RM20,000
Above RM20 million RM30,000

In certain cases, MDV make undertake overseas DD exercises, these overseas DD are payable upfront with the financing application, based on the estimated DD expenses to be incurred for the particular application. The respective applicant will be notified/informed on the estimated DD expenses applicable to them.

In the event that the financing application is not successful, MDV will refund the advance DD fee collected.

With regards to GST implementation, please be informed that Earnest Deposit and Processing Fee is subject to GST

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