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Product Description
Application, Content and Multimedia Denotes the service in form of software/applications or digitalised information which presents in various platforms of information content and manipulate text, data, images, sound and full-motion-video objects which produces both visual and audio media; incorporating various elements such as animation, audio, CD-ROM, computer entertainment, convergence media, data compression, DVD, graphics and graphics interfaces, hypermedia, text, video, videoconferencing, virtual reality, interactivity content forms and an ever expanding list of technologies targeting this growth area. Products include any group of economic activities that are primarily engaged in the publishing of and/or electronic distribution of Printed and other text-based content on physical media, and related services; Motion picture, video, television and radio content, and related services; Music content and related services; Games software; On-line content and related services; OR Other content and related services.
Communication and Network Refers to any element of physical infrastructure used principally for or in connection to providing network services. Communications & Network provides and comprises of a network of telecommunication stations, links and/or nodes. These communication and network links interconnects with other telecommunication networks. These infrastructures will allow the availability of exchanging of communication between persons or things in form of sound, data, text, visual images, signals or any other form or any combination of those forms.
E-Commerce / M-Commerce Web or mobile-based platforms that provide services of purchase and sales of goods and services over the Internet. There are two types of e-commerce transactions: B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to consumer).
Electronics / Semi-Conductor Manufacturing of devices that enable production of article or structure of semiconductor materials; i.e. electronics and elements that can produce electric current by combining conductor and an insulator. Semiconductor devices are manufactured both as single discrete devices and as integrated circuits (ICs), which consist of a number of devices manufactured and interconnected on a single semiconductor substrate.
Information Technology & Services Any products or services that fulfill or enable the functions of information and the processing, storing, retrieving, transmitting and manipulation of the data and communication including transmission or display and the enabling of communication by electronic means. Information Technology & Services products and services can comprise of Computers and peripheral equipment, Communications equipment; Consumer electronic equipment; Miscellaneous ICT components & gadgets; Manufacturing services for ICT equipment; Business & productivity software and licensing services; Information Technology consultancy and services; Telecommunications services; Leasing or rental services for ICT equipment; and Other ICT related services.
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