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MDV Newsbytes (Week 2, Aug 2013)

It was a rather slow week last week, probably due to the Aidil Fitri festivities.

Nevertheless, we bring you a recap of ICT, Biotech and GreenTech news which happened the week prior:

An MoU was sign to conduct a feasibility study between Bintulu’s Hock Lee Group and international biotech company Beta Renewables to see the possibility of having a first commercial-scale biomass ethanol plant in the country. Agensi Inovasi Malaysia will be working closely with the Sarawak State Planning Unit and other relevant state agencies to help facilitate the study, which is expected to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2013. More here:

Crude Palm Oil (“CPO”) prices are likely to improve by first half of the year. CPO prices are currently languishing at the RM2,200-RM2,300 a tonne level compared with above RM3,000 during the same period last year. Price is likely to improve due to improvements in world economy and demand from biodiesel industry. Read more: CPO prices likely to improve by H1 next year

Instacom Group Bhd, plans to build a 3,176.4km fibre optic cable network that will link the entire Peninsular Malaysia within the next three to five years. The planned cable network will compose of four phases of deployment. Phase 1 will consist of laying 705km of fibre cable in Johor and 188km in Kedah. Under the second phase of the proposed fibre route project, Instacom plans to lay 315km of fibre cable in Perak, 158km in Selangor, 148km in Negeri Sembilan and 43km in Malacca. The third phase will consist of laying 215km of fibre cable in Pahang and 260km in Terengganu, while Phase 4 will involve 340km in Kelantan and 275km between Kuantan and Selangor. The group is also keen to participate in the submarine fibre-optic cable project between Johor and Singapore, comprising 24km of submarine fibre and 48km of land-based fibre. Read more here:

The Shared Services and Outsourcing (SSO) Cluster of MSC Malaysia recorded RM10.4bil in revenue for 2012, a 14% jump from 2011. It was reported that Malaysia has consecutively been ranked the world’s third SSO destination by the global management consulting firm AT Kearney since 2004, after India and China. MSC Malaysia SSO cluster contributed RM5.8bil to the nation’s GDP in 2012, up 32% from 2011. The cluster also saw a whopping 57% increase in job creation with over 7,300 jobs created in 2012, bringing the cumulative number of jobs to 65,800 since MSC Malaysia’s inception in 1996. More here:

ePerolehan registered over 1.5 million transactions since its launch in 1999, accounting for more than RM60 billion. Seeing the success of the ePerolehan system, the ministry has developed a new system called “NextGen ePerolehan” which will be used from January 2015. The new system is programmed to provide added value to users with a view to support the government’s transformation programme towards a more efficient system. By “a more efficient system”, the NextGen ePerolehan is said to simplify the modules and processes. More here:

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