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MDV Newsbyte (Week 3, July 2013)

Here is the news we read last week that we thought we should share it with you:

One of the biggest announcements last week is that DiGi’s Morten Lundal has been appointed as Maxis CEO effective October 1st. Lundal was group chief commercial officer of Vodafone Group plc since 2010 and prior to that regional CEO overseeing eight operating companies in Central Europe and Africa. He joined Vodafone from DiGi Malaysia in 2008. It will be interesting to see what changes he will bring to Maxis. We are thinking that Maxis will likely get a revamp of their image to “young, hip and sexy.” Watch this space! (Source:

Also, Axiata has been named Best Telecom Group of the Year by Frost & Sullivan at their 2013 F&S Asia Pacific ICT Award recently. The award was granted to the telco operator with presence in at least four Asia Pacific markets and which has shown exemplary growth and performance last year. Read more: Axiata named best telecom group again

Malaysia Reserves reported that according to DBS Vickers Research (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. found that 3G penetration is underutilised causing low usage at 52%. Nationwide smart phone penetration is only at about 30%, indicating an opportunity for operators to drive data usage. DBS Vickers finds the under utilisation of 3G networks with Maxis Bhd at about 61%, DiGi. Com Bhd between 50% and 60%, and Celcom Axiata Bhd at 38% though it expects the utilisation to improve. Read more here:

MAMPU reported that the Open Source Software (OSS) in public sectors created a RM595million revenue and export value of more than RM234 million for the industry since 2004. The OSS implementation has also developed 36 Malaysian companies with MSC status offering jobs to 6,206 knowledge workers. More here:

Business Times reported last week that Malaysia is an ideal spot for clinical R&D. This is following their report on D atuk Dr Jeyaindran Tan Sri Sinnadurai, deputy director-general of the Health Ministry, said during a pharmaceutical roundtable recently. You can read them more here: ‘Malaysia ideal for clinical R&D’

Haemonetics, a leader in blood management solutions will establish a world-class facility for manufacturing whole blood and apheresis devices in Penang. Our partner at Biotech Corp is working close with MIDA and InvestPenang to make Haemonetics investment a reality. Read more here:

Malaysian Insider reported that the Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said a community micro hydro power system project will be implemented next year with government allocation will have the local community as shareholders who will manage and operate the power station. The micro hydro power stations to be introduced in Malaysia are expected to benefit 47 villages in Sarawak and 29 villages in Sabah. He also said that each power station has the capacity to produce 200 kilowatts of electricity which can supply power to 400 houses. (Source:

Lastly, the statewide blackout in Sarawak about 3 weeks ago due to tripping of 3 generating units at the Bakun plant has dented investor’s confidence in Sarawak Energy Board’s ability to provide uninterrupted supply to its SCORE clients. It has only been three years since the federal and Sarawak governments agreed to dedicate the entire power supply from the Bakun hydroelectric plant to the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE). SEB, the state’s sole power supplier, then signed power purchase agreements (PPAs) with power-guzzling industries back to back. By end of last year, it had sold all of Bakun’s 1800MW of power to SCORE customers. Read the Bakun saga here:

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