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Forum discusses green technology

-The Star Online | March 11, 2011

AS MORE consumers turn to cleaner energy and eco-friendly products, many businesses too are starting to look towards green technology as the preferred solution.

Fuelled by Government grants and passionate entrepreneurs, green technology is the topic of discussion by a panel of experts in environmental research and development in a forum at Inti International College Subang (IICS).

“We stand at a crossroads. There will be many political, economic, legal, social and technical challenges to address before we can hope to attain our sustainability goals,” said panel member Professor Kevin Petrovsky.

“Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of time to solve our problems. That is why activities like the Green Business Forum being organised by IICS are critical.

Experts: (From left) Gurmit Singh, Long and Petrovsky share their perspectives on green technology at the forum.

“These forums bring together Government, business and science to help the current and next generations of enterprise and social leaders understand the challenges and opportunities that they will be required to address,” he said.

Petrovsky, is the Assoc Prof of Environmental Sciences at Northwood University, US and Visiting Professor at IICS.

Petrovsky’s fellow panel members were Johnson Controls (Malaysian Division) energy solutions manager Alwin Long and Centre for Environment, Technology & Development, Malaysia (Cetdem) chairman Gurmit Singh.

Long shared positive news that Malaysia is among the top five solar panel producers in the world, and that the country was on its way to becoming one of the top three producers.

He also attributed the nation’s growing market for green technology to the Government’s awareness campaigns.

While applauding green technology, Gurmit Singh called for greater understanding of its concept.

“Many people have a superficial understanding of green technology; awareness should be created in order that they do not succumb to marketing gimmicks but be mindful of its actual scope,” he said.

A green technology exhibition on campus featuring products by Toyota, Dulux, Rinnai, NuSkin, Mitsubishi, Ricoh and Joven was held in conjunction with the forum. Among the products showcased was the Toyota Prius with hybrid synergy drive.

The forum and exhibition were organised by IICS’ Centre for American Education and seek to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of the current global and business scenarios.

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