Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad (578113-A)
The Nation’s Leading Technology Financier

MAP Benefits

You will get:

  • EPF contributions by the Employer
  • Outpatient medical benefit (Self)
  • Group Medical Insurance for Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance (Self)
  • Group Personal Accident Insurance (Self)
  • Annual Leave
  • Public holidays
  • 5 days work week
  • Working hour – flexi bands
  • Subsidize parking benefit
  • Mileage claim (for business purpose only)
  • Staff recreational activities
  • Staff recreational activities
  • Staff breakout area
  • Gym
  • Prayer room (provided by the building management)

In MDV, our MAP will enjoy the following benefits:

  • An open door policy
  • A commitment to work/life balance
  • Training & Development plan
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