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#BTATechBytes – The Smallest Ever Satellite

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On June 23, 6 of these smallest ever satellites – known as Sprite – went into low-Earth orbit as secondary payloads on the Latvian Venta and Italian Max Valier satellites carried by an Indian rocket. The Sprite is only 4 grams and looks just like a small 3.5cm square circuit board. Attached to the board are sensors, a low-power transmitter, a microprocessor and a small solar panel. The purpose of this mission is to test how well the Sprite’s electronics systems and radio communications performed in the orbit.

The development of this satellite was originated by a post-doctorate researcher in 2011. He launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to develop the concept. The campaign was successful as he managed to raise a total of USD74,586 of his original goal of USD30,000.

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