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#BTATechBytes – The Rise of India as a Startup Nation

This year, over 1,000 new startups are getting added to the startup ecosystem in India, taking the total number of tech startups to more than 5000 companies since 2012. India continues to be the third largest startup hub in the world after the UK and Israel with Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai dominating the startup hubs in the country. The highest growing startups are in areas of health-tech, fintech and e-commerce. Read more:...

#BTATechBytes – The Acumos Project

The Linux Foundation has introduced the Acumos Project, aims to make artificial intelligence (AI) available to everyone by providing a common framework and platform for the free exchange of machine learning solutions. Apart from the Linux Foundation, the other founding organizations include AT&T and Tech Mahindra, both are specializing in digital transformation, consulting and business reengineering. AI tools today can be difficult to use and often are designed for data scientists. The Acumos...

Nissan unveils electric crossover that beats GTR in power

A month after unveiling its second generation Leaf - the world’s best-selling EV to date -, Nissan Motor has unveiled its electric crossover concept that is more powerful than its iconic GTR sports car, aiming to put it into production after 2020 and share the platform with its partners - Mitsubishi Motors Corp and Renault SA. Nissan says that the battery pack is “high capacity” with “increased energy density” enabling more than 600 kilometers on a single charge. Read more :...
MDV Debt Ventures

MDV to finance more than 300 firms with new RM4bil fund

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Debt Ventures Bhd (MDV) aims to finance the operations of more than 300 companies over the next 20 years via potential disbursements amounting to RM4bil raised through its newly-launched third fund. Managing director/chief executive officer Datuk Md Zubir Ansori Yahaya said the fund, to be raised via Islamic Medium-Term Notes (iMTN), was expected to finance between 400-500 projects, mostly in the 4.0 Industry. “This time around, we will focus (disbursements) on new...

MDV sasar biaya lebih 300 syarikat

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Debt Ventures Bhd (MDV), pembiaya teknologi menyasar untuk membiayai lebih 300 syarikat dengan potensi pengeluaran hingga RM4 bilion, menerusi dana ketiganya sebanyak RM1 bilion. Dana terbaharu itu disediakan melalui nota jangka sederhana Islam (IMTN) yang akan menyediakan satu platform untuk MDV mengenal pasti dan membiayai bidang teknologi baharu. Pengarah Urusan yang juga merangkap Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif MDV, Datuk Md Zubir Ansori Yahaya, berkata dana berkenaan...
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#BTATechBytes : Fitness Tech Startups On Track To Break (Another) Funding Record

Fitness tech deals rose steadily 2013 – 2016, and while at the current pace 2017 is on track to see the first dip in deals, this year is also on pace to reach a record funding high. Thus far, 2017 has seen $585M invested across 103 deals, largely driven by a $325M Series E mega-round to cycling startup Peloton Interactive in Q2’17. The round was backed by high-profile VCs (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Buyers, GGV Capital) and television corporates (Comcast, NBCUniversal), among others. ...

#BTATechBytes : Bionik’s ARKE Exoskeleton in Clinical Development to Integrate Voice Commands with Amazon’s Alexa

“We are excited to complete the integration of Amazon’s Echo and Alexa into our ARKE exoskeleton, combining the power of Amazon’s voice-activated technologies with our powerful assistive robotic solutions for the next evolution in treating consumer immobility,” Bionik co-founder and COO Michal Prywata said in a news release. “In building ARKE, we had one goal in mind — to empower the user to take back their mobility and regain the ability to complete tasks that the rest of us deem...
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#BTATechBytes – The Smallest Ever Satellite

On June 23, 6 of these smallest ever satellites - known as Sprite - went into low-Earth orbit as secondary payloads on the Latvian Venta and Italian Max Valier satellites carried by an Indian rocket. The Sprite is only 4 grams and looks just like a small 3.5cm square circuit board. Attached to the board are sensors, a low-power transmitter, a microprocessor and a small solar panel. The purpose of this mission is to test how well the Sprite's electronics systems and radio communications...

#BTATechBytes – Solar panel cleaning robot

At a solar energy farm just outside Budapest in Hungary, a cleaning robot is industriously getting on with today's task. Hundreds of square metres of solar panels are waiting to be cleaned - as quickly and effectively as possible. And without the use of chemicals or any unwanted discharges to the natural environment. The robot is the result of a joint project between Norwegian researchers and the Hungarian company ProDSP Technology. Read more :...

#BTATechBytes – Researchers have developed energy-absorbing stairs

A group of mechanical and biomedical engineers, along with computer scientists from Georgia Tech and Emory University, have built what they call “energy-recycling stairs” that compress when someone steps downwards onto them, saving energy by dampening the impact. This energy is then returned on the way back up as they rise with the user’s foot as they step up. This can boost a person’s step by up to 37%, the research suggests. Read more :...
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