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Our Positioning

Within the financing eco-system, MDV plays a specific and key role to complement other funding agencies and development/commercial institutions, balancing its commitment to its stakeholders and providing access to financing for Malaysia’s technology sectors.

In the upper right quadrant, VCs and incubators assume the highest risks, while demanding the highest returns. In the lower right quadrant, resides commercial banks and development financial institutions, assuming lower risks through security arrangements and rigourous assessment processes. The upper left quadrant comprise development agencies, where risks are accepted for nation-building purposes.
MDV resides in the middle due to the risk profile undertaken and returns obtained.

As a venture financier, MDV generally provides financing to early and growth stage companies already generating or will immediately generate revenues to meet periodic repayment requirements and given the returns expected.

Applicants must ensure that its funding sources and commitments suit the current stage of corporate and business development.

The Malaysian government provides for a complete financing/funding value chain. At pre-seed and seed stages, funding is generally through own/internal funds. Technopreneurs may also apply for various seed and commercialisation grants available from government ministries and agencies. Technology incubators may provide for additional initial funding and the necessary infrastructure to further proof a concept.

Additional research, development and commercialisation funding may be derived from venture capital firms. Upon commercialisation or successful securing of contracts, MDV will provide the necessary project or contract financing facilities to produce or deliver the products and/or services of the Company.

For growth stage companies, MDV may also provide financing facilities to enable their growth and expansion, through financing of capital expenditures or working capital requirements.

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