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Monthly Archive for: ‘September, 2016’

Comprehensive Risk Assessment By MDV

Managing risks is at the core of managing any financial organization. It is about making tactical and strategic decisions to control risk and to exploit any available opportunities. Lending involves uncertainties and uncertainties lead to risks. There is no written formula to mitigate or diminish these uncertainties entirely because there are elements which would be beyond our control. Best is to predict what could go wrong during the tenure of a facility and to have mitigating factors to...

Tips to Customers for Smooth Financing Disbursement

As MDV’s core business is project financing, and any project worth its salt entails a delivery deadline, hence timely financing in most cases will make or break the success of a project . Now as a customer with a project in hand and needing the funds to kick start it without further delay, here are some useful tips to help you smoothen and speed up the disbursement process. As they say, its all in the cash flow. Start early by getting involved even before the financing is approved by...
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