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MDV tawar RM200j komersial hak IP

-Berita Harian Skim jadi sumber cagaran syarikat dapat pembiayaan Malaysia Debt Ventures Bhd (MDV) membuka ruang kepada syarikat tempatan dengan hak harta intelek (IP) yang berpotensi dikomersialkan supaya memohon bantuan daripada dana RM200 juta di bawah Skim Pembiayaan Harta Intelek (IPFS). Naib Presiden Bahagian Perancangan Korporat dan Komunikasi, Amiruddin Kemat, berkata skim berkenaan yang dilancarkan baru-baru ini membolehkan mana-mana syarikat menjadikan hak IP sebagai sumber...
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Up Close & Personal with Instacom Group Bhd CEO Anne Kung

-The Star A lawyer who later took on an accounting qualification as well, she paved her way first in a law firm, then corporate recovery in several industries from retail, manufacturing and financial institutions before moving on to business development and finally, into director roles. This past decade, the Kuching native has made her presence known in the telecoms industry through her role as Instacom Group Bhd chief executive officer (and executive director as of last October). At...

Trading lung cancer for biofuel

Usually when the word tobacco and any topic related to tobacco brings to mind one thing: smoking. And depending on your preference, it could either bring a feeling of bliss and calmness or nausea and disgust. But what if the smart people behind modern science have discovered another most socially acceptable use for tobacco plants that won’t result in disfigured babies and limbs on its packaging material? Researchers have genetically engineered the leaves and stems of tobacco plants so that...
How Startup Valuation Works Infographic

Cool stuff we read

Here is an interesting infographic on valuating a startup from the good guys at Happy Reading!

MDV Newsbytes (Week 2, Aug 2013)

It was a rather slow week last week, probably due to the Aidil Fitri festivities. Nevertheless, we bring you a recap of ICT, Biotech and GreenTech news which happened the week prior: An MoU was sign to conduct a feasibility study between Bintulu’s Hock Lee Group and international biotech company Beta Renewables to see the possibility of having a first commercial-scale biomass ethanol plant in the country. Agensi Inovasi Malaysia will be working closely with the Sarawak State Planning...

Some security and safety tips from the good people of MDV Health & Safety Committe

Here are some security and safety tips from the good people of MDV Health & Safety Committee. We thought the tips were jolly good that we feel that we should share it with all our friends on this page. Some might be a given, but reminders are always good, eh? 1. Do not using social media and social networking sites e.g. facebook while you’re away; or at least, share your activities with a few close friends only; 2. Do not upload vacation photos/update about how great your vacation is...

MDV Newsbytes – Week 1, August 2013

Last week’s exciting ICT, Biotech and GreenTech news: Bank Mualamat supports the government’s initiatives for green technology by launching the "Smart Green Mortgage for Solar Photovoltaic Feed-in Tariff Plan", offering financing services to its customers to purchase and install solar systems in their house. This plan offers a special deal via refinancing of customer's existing home financing facilities with Bank Muamalat and by the easy moving cost feature with the legal and valuation...

Cloud Computing in Biotechnology

It’s a marriage that’s been long in the making. After many years of co-existing parallel to each other, they have finally to cross path and make it official. This is the tale of when biotech met cloud computing. In their own rights, the two are no strangers and have an extensive resume of beneficial contributions to society but it is only in the last few years that steps have been made to finds ways to converge the two to create one spectacular product. While the spectacular part...
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Going Green: Batteries Made of Wood?

The use of batteries is prevalent in our daily lives. We use batteries in our many gadgetries, toys and essential items - cars, computers, laptops, radios, MP3 layers, mobile phones, watches and clocks. Batteries are largely divided into two categories: Primary (Which are not rechargeable) and Secondary batteries which are rechargeables. Batteries are considered as a problem material in the waste stream. This is because the batteries are made from a variety of chemicals to power their...
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