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Monthly Archive for: ‘July, 2013’

BiotechCorp: Bionexus Companies Will Post RM3 Billion In Collective Revenue

-Bernama KUALA LUMPUR, July 31 (Bernama) — Malaysian Biotechnology Corp (BiotechCorp) is bullish that the 224 BioNexus companies will post a collective revenue of over RM3 billion by the end of Phase 2 of its National Biotechnology Policy in 2015. BioNexus Development Division Senior Vice-President Adrian Abdul Ghani said there were major improvements in the local industry this year and BiotechCorp was confident the collective revenue of these BioNexus companies would surpass its 2013...
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Good article

Here's an article arising from the latest session at Disrupt - a monthly chinwag and networking session organised by our friends at Digital News Asia and TeAM. They spoke on e-commerce last week. Read more here:

MDV Newsbytes (Week 5, July 2013)

Last week’s exciting ICT, Biotech and GreenTech newsbytes for you to chew: DiGi’s Q2 profit was up 15.5% to RM380 million and revenue increase of 3.4% to RM1.65billion compared to previous quarter. Growth was attributed to improvements of network quality and coverage given their successfully swapping 85 per cent of their sites nationwide and expanding their 3G network footprint to 72% of populated areas. CEO Henrik Clausen said DiGi fully expects the mobile Internet data to drive the...
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UP – Is where we are heading?

An important factor to consider when evaluating wind energy potential is the wind speed persistence. Fortunately, our country mostly surrounded by water, where the speed of the wind is higher.   Due to that, the possibility of churning wind power is possible with airborne wind turbine (AWT). As you get higher, the wind gets stronger. Harvesting just 1% of those high-altitude breezes could produce enough power for everyone. Hence, up is the way we should be heading!   The...

MDV Newsbyte (Week 3, July 2013)

Here is the news we read last week that we thought we should share it with you: ICT One of the biggest announcements last week is that DiGi’s Morten Lundal has been appointed as Maxis CEO effective October 1st. Lundal was group chief commercial officer of Vodafone Group plc since 2010 and prior to that regional CEO overseeing eight operating companies in Central Europe and Africa. He joined Vodafone from DiGi Malaysia in 2008. It will be interesting to see what changes he will bring to...
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Cool stuff MDV reads: What are femtocells?

Femtocells is a low-powered cellular base station, typically to be used at home or for small business. Femtocell is a subset of small cell (which is low-powered radio access nodes that operate in licensed and unlicensed spectrum within up to 2km range). So here's an article how femtocell can compromise the security of your mobile phones:...
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Cool News We Read:

Boston Dynamics Robotics, under the challenge from the US Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency created a 2m robot. The teams will then have five months to refine Atlas's abilities before taking part in a series of trials. Read more here: Have cool gadgets make spying easier? Read how new exciting apps like Google Glass, Memoto, Goji/Doorbot and Kinect can likely compromise your privacy here:...
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In September last year, IDC forecasts that worldwide spending on IT cloud solutions will reach more than USD$40 billion in 2012 alone. It is expected to reach $100 b by 2016 at a CAGR of 24.6%, five times more than the IT industry average. IDC also forecasts that the largest share of public IT cloud services spending will be on SaaS over the next five years. (Source: A similar study by Gartner also shows similar traits where it found...
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MDV Newsbyte (Week 1, July 2013)

One of the more exciting things that happened last week was the DNS poisoning (now, that’s a new buzzword!) of several Malaysian websites (Dell, MSN, Youtube Malaysia) by hackers claiming to be from Bangladesh. On a somewhat related note, it was reported that total numbers of incidents reported to Cybersecurity Malaysia from January to May this year is 9986 for content related, cyber harassment, denial of service, fraud, intrusion, intrusion attempt, malicious codes, spam and...
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